1. The rules of the conference include the release of reports (plenary and sectional .7-12 pages), registered in the RSCI, as well as scientific reports in English (4-5 pages), registered in IEEE (Scopus).  Submission of the report is obligatory for all participants of the conference, according to them the Program and the schedule of speeches of the participants of the conference are formed.  Submission of papers in English at IEEE (Scopus) is optional.  Their registration in IEEE (Scopus) is carried out after the end of the conference.

 2. The registration procedure for conference participants provides for the following requirements.

  2.1 Pre-registration on the conference website of all authors, including co-authors, with the creation of personal accounts.

  2.2 Pre-registration of titles and abstracts of reports in Russian (100-250 words), according to which a preliminary conference program will be formed, submitted to the RFBR.  One participant can be the author or co-author of no more than two reports.

  2.3 Registration of reports in Russian, designed according to the rules of MLSD (see sample below).

  2.4 Registration of scientific reports in English, formatted according to IEEE rules (see sample below).

  2.5 For each report and each scientific report, it is necessary to submit an examination certificate issued from the place of work of the participants and allowing publication in the open press.  To work with several co-authors from different organizations, acts from each of them must be submitted.

  2.6 The conference involves only full-time participation.  Papers not presented at the conference cannot be included in the proceedings of the conference and in the collection of IEEE.

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